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Absolutely modern magic!

The collectability and coolness does not end with vintage magic posters! Modern magic posters are often more affordable, easily found, and more likely to be a magician you’ve seen in person!

Growing up, I was first introduced to magic by Doug Henning and his “World of Magic” specials in the 1970s!

Posters like these:

have great color, and really bring back of a lot of memories.

Just about everybody knows who David Blaine is. He really became popular in the 90s with his street magic videos. You know, the ones with people flipping out because he could levitate, or throw a playing card through glass. Later in his career, he really switched into escape-style magic, along with feats of endurance. Posters were available for these events, and they were often an homage to past magicians and artwork.

And my personal favorite:

I love the artwork on these. You can see, as the times change, what used to be little imps (red devils) have turned into sexy women. Another bonus to collecting modern magicians and posters is that you can often find them signed!

Cards as Weapons! That is a title of a book written by amazing magician/historian/actor Ricky Jay! Want to throw a playing card hundreds of feet? Want to impale a watermelon, or the back of a room with a card? This is the book you need! While the book is rare, a poster of the book cover is even rarer!

Over the years, Ricky Jay has done some amazing limited engagement shows around the country! Not only does he show off amazing magic, but the shows are art, directed by playwright/director David Mamet.

As many of Ricky Jay’s books are about the history of magic and other assorted curiosities, it’s no surprise that he’ll have a poster act as an homage to a great.

Not only is this based on the spectacular Kellar poster, it also harkens back to the Chung Ling Soo poster in the previous post!

As you can see, modern magic posters have plenty of allure. They’re rarely as expensive, easier to find in nicer condition, often signed, and are of magicians you can see in person!

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