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5 Random Things In My Office

Collecting comes in all shapes and sizes. There are people who collect for investment, people who collect for pleasure, and people who collect as a diversion. Nor is it always about money. Sometimes we collect because something holds a memory for us.

I thought I’d show and discuss a few items here at my office. There are so many neat and random things that I must limit myself to just five (for today)! Some have monetary value, some have none. All of them have a place in my heart for some specific reason.

#1 is one of the few sport items we decided not to sell.

This is Dick Enberg’s scorecard from Nolan Ryan’s first no-hitter. On it’s own, it’s very cool. Nobody has thrown more no-hitters than Nolan Ryan (7). What’s even cooler, though, is that this was essentially my first Angels’ game. I was born May 14th, 1973. Nolan Ryan threw his first no-hitter on May 15th, 1973. My dad held me in the hospital while listening to this game! As I say to people . . . Angels fan since birth!

GO HALOS! #2 is a small glass “planet” by artist Josh Simpson.

It’s certainly not one of his major pieces. My parents have a few of his pieces (giant planets, glass plates, wine glasses), and they know how much I love them. So, very recently, they gave me this as a gift. I’ve been fortunate to try some glass-work, and it’s tough. The amount of work it takes to make something even this size is amazing.

#3 is very personal!

It’s amazing this piece has survived! I have memories of putting this puzzle together with my mother when I was sick with the chicken pox! However, looking online, I can only find these from 1997 and newer. I wasn’t living at home then, so there must be older ones. My mind can’t be failing me, right?

#4 is just cool, and people always want to look at it when they enter my office!

Yeah, that’s a sealed Bicycle deck of cards inside a glass bottle. It’s the official “Anything is Possible” bottle by magician Jamie Grant. I’m a big fan of magic . . . I collect random/cool/custom decks of cards, as well as vintage magic posters and books. There may be some of you out there who know how it’s done, but I don’t want to know! Magic is more fun when you don’t know!

#5 is very personal.

I do love collecting pens. What began with Montblanc and their Writer’s Series has morphed into something larger. This pen is a simple Caterpillar pen mixed in with some great vintage and/or custom pens. So, why do I have this? My wife’s father gave it to me at our wedding. Knowing I love pens, he brought this all the way from Denmark (where he works as a mechanic for Caterpillar). Are there thousands upon thousands of this type of pen? Sure . . . but this is the one he gave me! Thanks, Aage!

Ok, I know said 5, but I want to add one more.

This is a “Story People” vase from local artist and friend Brian Andreas. He’s a spectacular poet, great at being silly and poignant at the same time! This poem, one of my favorites, is always inspiring me, reminding me to look for the good in everything!

That’s it! 5 (plus 1) random things in my office!

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